Promoting Health and Wellness in the Assyrian Community

Our Mission


The Helping Hands of Healthcare in the Assyrian Community and beyond

The healthcare industry is confusing no matter what community you are a part of. Our focus at the Assyrian Family Health Alliance is to assist members of our underserved community with navigating the landscape. Our program offers copay assistance for qualified patients on their doctor’s visits, or prescription medications received at the Assyrian American Pharmacy in Skokie, IL. To find out if you qualify for copay assistance, send us a message by filling out this form.

In addition to our copay assistance program, we also look for organizations that help people with adopting a healthier lifestyle. Whether through physical activity, promoting healthy diets, and emotional support, the Assyrian Family Health Alliance acknowledges the importance of an overarching role of healthcare, and contribute charitably to these organizations. If you’re an organization that falls within our mission, we’d love to contribute. Simply fill out this form and someone will be in contact with you.

Our Vision

To create a healthier community with affordable access to all sources of healthcare

Our Purpose

To provide healthcare couseling, charitable contributions and copay assistance to those in need within the Assyrian community


Our Team

Dr. Timothy Youkhana, Pharm. D., MBA - President

Lizan Sliwa, LPN - Secretary

Ashur Lazar - Executive Director

Jennifer Pena - Treasurer