AFHA Educational Program hosted at Urhai Community Center

On April 27th 2019, our Director of Clinical Education, Lizan Sliwa, LPN held an educational seminar at the Urhai Community Center.

Through the wonderful efforts made by the Urhai Community Center, our organization was invited to provide those in the audience with helpful preventative care tips that can help offset some complications associated with diabetes. Many of those in attendance were home workers who serve their clients on a daily basis, and providing them with some of the resources the Assyrian Family Health Alliance handed out at the event will help with better management of their client’s conditions.

Lizan Sliwa, LPN, providing education on diabetes complication prevention through use of proper footwear.

Lizan Sliwa, LPN, providing education on diabetes complication prevention through use of proper footwear.

As part of the discussion, Ms. Sliwa notified the attendees the importance of protecting diabetic patient’s feet by wearing specialized shoes. One of our partners, the Assyrian American Pharmacy (AKA Community Health Pharmacy) is able to provide the necessary footwear recognized by the American Diabetes Association to help prevent complications of diabetes due to neuropathy and secondary infections.

In the conclusion of the discussion, Ms. Sliwa also notified the audience of a bone marrow drive being held for a member of the Turlock Assyrian American Community, a young man by the name of Jordan Shabaz. Mr. Shabaz is a 12 year old child who has been diagnosed with leukemia. Through the Assyrian Family Health Alliance, we were able to team up with to help bring some more potential donors to his aide. Anna Michalczyk, representative from notified the audience of the situation at hand and how they can provide samples to help Mr. Shabaz fight. Ms. Michaelczyk was able to obtain several participants who provided their info for the drive.

If you were not able to make it to this discussion to help support this young man’s fight, please visit us at the Assyrian National Council of Illinois in Skokie, IL in the upcoming months. The AFHA will host an educational seminar discussing the importance of working together as a community to provide better healthcare and how we can all actively contribute to healthier lives.


Stay active, and stay involved!

-Dr. Timothy Youkhana, Pharm. D., MBA